I can’t recommend Michael Wolf enough as a trainer and coach.  I would trust him to coach my own clients and even my family.  He has the three things absolutely necessary to be a great coach: 1) Vast knowledge and education in the field of Strength & Conditioning; proven, as he has not only achieved the highest and most difficult certification in the field, but has become a staff coach for that certification as well  2) Years of experience as a successful and effective coach and trainer  and 3) He is an advanced lifter himself, showing that he is willing to put in the same hard work in the trenches that he asks of his clients. – Matt Reynolds, Starting Strength Coach and Seminar Staff, Pro Strongman, Elite Powerlifter

As an endurance athlete, I’ve always struggled with strength.  I spent most of my life running, so top level strength is hard for me to build.  Wolf is not only great coach who helped me PR all lifts and get a strict bar muscle up, but a great individual.  To know him is to love him.  I’m proud to call Wolf my coach.  Every athlete needs a coach.  Mine is the gainz train conductor himself: Michael Wolf.  – Kenny Santucci, Crossfit Coach at Solace New York and Founder and Director of the Body program
I’ve been on the Starting Strength program for almost two years. During that time I’ve gone to the seminar and a couple workshops, and I’ve learned to make steady progress on my own. When it came time to get an objective assessment of my form and my progress, I chose to work with Michael Wolf.

Michael is one the most experienced SS trainers in the country, and he was easy to trust. He quickly identified my weak spots and set me back on the correct path. This was easily the most valuable one-on-one training session I’ve had. For someone just starting out on a strength program and looking for instruction, or for an experienced lifter who just needs to check-in with a good coach, I would highly recommend Michael Wolf. It’s fortunate that we have him in New York City.
– Jeremy Whelchel, software engineer

I’ve been training with Michael for over 2 years, focusing mainly on barbell lifts, kettlebells, and some high intensity interval training. During that time I’ve lost about 30lbs, and added some muscle.

Michael is very knowledgeable about weight training. He also trains my wife, and tailors his approach to each client. Unlike most trainers I’ve encountered, Michael is extremely professional. He plans training sessions in advance, he is punctual, and he is flexible in accommodating unexpected schedule changes. He knows how to listen to clients.

Michael is a very large man, and an accomplished weight lifter. Despite that, he is able to relate to many different types of clients. When I first started training with Michael I had not done any meaningful exercise in over 20 years, and had stepped into a gym only a handful of times. As I’ve progressed from a less-than-novice trainee to an intermediate level trainee, Michael has always kept me interested, engaged, and motivated, while also displaying good humor, and an easy going personality.  – Jorge J., Partner at Leading NYC Law Firm

I came to Michael after struggling with Stronglifts 5×5 and was immediately impressed with his knowledge and professionalism.  Michael coached my roommate and I through the 5 Starting Strength lifts and we PR’d every lift either during our session or immediately thereafter thanks to his corrections and fine tuning of our technique.  He also provided an education in the difference between the Novice and Intermediate training stages.  We switched from Stronglifts to Starting Strength and saw our lift numbers rise after a prolonged plateau on Stronglifts.  I definitely recommend Michael to anyone looking for barbell coaching or personal training in NYC. – Will DeWind, Software Engineer

I have seen dramatic results while working out with Michael for the past two years.  I  work in finance with a crazy schedule, but Michael designed a program helping me get in 3 sessions every week, so I can keep up my progress.  I have more than doubled the amount of weight I can squat and deadlift, and almost tripled the number of pull-ups I can do in a session. I find myself looking forward to the energy boost his programs provide.  He packs a lot into each hour — I accomplish so much more with him in one hour than I would on my own.  Michael is genuinely interested in the mechanics of lifting and is great at explaining the reasons we are doing each lift, which makes it more interesting to learn as you’re doing the exercises.  This has helped me realize why half the machines in most gyms are useless.  While lifting with Michael, I’ve gone down a waist size in my pants, and fill out my suits and shirts better as a result.   
 As an added bonus, Michael has introduced me to better eating habits:  While the amount of meat he eats in a given day may still be scary, it’s meant more balanced meals for me as I think about what I put in my body.
I have begun introducing my friends to Michael as well, and they have all had positive feedback.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a serious program on a Manhattan schedule. – Ross J., Executive Director, Risk Analysis; International Financial Services Group and Investment Bank