Starting Strength Program

Wolf Strength & Conditioning owner Michael Wolf has been a proponent of the Starting Strength program and methods since 2008. The Starting Strength Program is based on the book Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Mark Rippetoe.

A common misconception about the Starting Strength program is that it is a powerlifting or bodybuilding program.  In fact, the Starting Strength program is a basic strength & conditioning program that is appropriate for nearly all novice trainees. For athletes, it is the foundation for building strength, size, power and speed.  For overweight clients, the Starting Strength program will develop the base of muscle mass that is necessary to elevate the metabolism.  For seniors, it is a highly effective program to combat rapid decreases in muscle and bone mass. A correctly structured barbell program, like Starting Strength, can reverse this trend and add major quality of life to your years.  Read more about this here.

For those interested specifically in learning the 5 Starting Strength lifts, we offer Semi-Private 1-on-1 coaching sessions.   See the “Starting Strength Coaching: Non-Recurring” for more info and details as well.

Bot options revolve around learning and practicing the basic barbell lifts: Squat, Press, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Power Clean. Learning and practicing these lifts will develop the foundation for all future training to follow.

1-on-1 sessions offer the benefit of my undivided attention and the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your specific lifting issues in greater detail between sets.  These benefits are available for a larger investment than semi-private sessions.  1-on-1s can be scheduled during available off-peak hours during the week (usually lunchtime on Wed and Fri), or on Saturdays at 2:30pm on weeks when I do not have a semi-private group or other commitment at that time.

In a semi-private session, all of your sets and reps will be coached under our supervision, but the opportunity for asking questions about technique or programming, etc…is very limited.  While you’re resting between sets, I’m coaching the other lifters in the group.  The upside is a reduced rate, and the opportunity to watch other people doing the lifts and getting coached, which can often be instructive.   To schedule a semi-private session, you will need to provide the 2-3 lifters for the group.  Otherwise, all SS-focused technique sessions are 1-on-1.

In both cases, initial sessions are 90 minutes long, during which we cover 2-3 lifts, depending upon how much coaching is needed and how quickly you pick things up.  Subsequent sessions of 60-90 minutes can then be scheduled as needed or desired for a reduced rate compared the your initial session.

 If you have additional questions about our program, send us a message at