Which Program is Right For Me?

Semi Private Personal Training works well for:

  1. A small group of friends who want to work out together.
  2. Those who want high level coaching and ample coaching attention but prefer a more social gym atmosphere.
  3. Those who already know the basics of proper form on the lifts, but want continued coaching at a lower price to maintain correct technique and facilitate continued strength gains.
  4. Those who have done the barbell lifts on their own, but need coaching to identify and correct technique errors.
  5. Experienced lifters who are motivated and pushed to their best by the presence of others striving for the same goals.

Online Coaching works well for:

  1. Those who cannot attend regular in person coaching sessions, but still want guidance on their program and regular form checks.
  2. Experienced lifters who are self motivated and able to consistently train hard and push themselves on their own, but want guidance on the program design aspect of their training.

Starting Strength Mini Camps work well for:

  1. Those who are already training on their own, and are motivated to keep doing so, but need technique coaching and corrections on form
  2. Those who are interested in strength/barbell training but want to make sure to start with good habits to make the best progress and reduce the chance of injury.

One on One Personal Training is best for a few different populations:

  1. Those who have struggled to learn the basic barbell lifts on their own, and the undivided attention of an experienced coach seems necessary to really nail the technique down.
  2. Those who are a bit intimidated by the usual gym atmosphere and want a more personal experience.