Solace Strong



Solace Strong is an recurring 8 week barbell-based dedicated strength cycle, utilizing the Starting Strength model of lifting.  We meet on Mon/Wed/Fri at 6am, 6pm, and 7:30pm.  Each class is 90 minutes long, and is capped at 10 lifters to ensure each person can receive ample coaching.  Programming is individual: everyone who can, begins with a linear progression and if/when that runs its course, moves on to appropriate Intermediate level programming.

Solace Strong culminates at the end of every 8 week cycle with a CrossFit Total event where all members of the cycle can test their 1RMs in a fun, informal meet-like setting.

Wolf S&C founder Michael Wolf is the head coach of this program, but it is run through Crossfit Solace (and the 6am cycle is coached by Solace Head Coach, Dr. Hayden Courtland).   I can answer any questions about the cycle at, but to sign up, please contact Solace directly.