Semi-Private Personal Training: Recurring

Our primary offering for recurring personal training, Semi-Private Training, allows you to train in a more social atmosphere than traditional 1-on-1 personal training, where you can strive for success with like minded people working beside you. Group size is limited to three, so every person can work on his or her own power rack and also to ensure each participant receives ample coaching and guidance to achieve his or her goals.  The small group program also allows for a lower price than traditional 1-on-1 training, so not only do you benefit from the small group atmosphere, but you pay less for it at the same time!  Options are available for 2 or 3 training sessions per week.

Semi-Private Personal Training provides: accountability, expertise, instant feedback and corrections on form, and the guidance of an experienced coach to plan your training program.  All of these combine to help you avoid the pitfalls commonly encountered due to inexperience and inability to be objective regarding your own training and programming.

Session availability is currently Tuesday and Thursday evening, as well as Saturday late morning and early afternoon.