Starting Strength Technique Coaching

For those interested specifically in learning the 5 Starting Strength lifts we offer regularly scheduled Starting Strength mini-camps.

Mini-camps revolve around learning and practicing the primary barbell lifts that comprise the Starting Strength program: Squat, Press, Bench Press, Deadlift, (and Power Clean, if appropriate).

Starting Strength mini-camps are our primary method for technique sessions.  Mini-camps are 90 minute sessions, held on select Saturdays from 2:30-4:00pm, with a maximum of 3 lifters who do the session together.  Each lifter will have his/her own complete station to work on, so no sharing of equipment is necessary.  All of your sets and reps will be performed under coaches’ supervision, the other lifters will be coached while you’re resting between sets.  The upside is a reduced rate, and the opportunity to watch other people doing the lifts and getting coached, which can often be instructive.  However, the focus here is lifting.  To get 2 lifts x 3 people in 90 mins, we need to stay on topic and broader questions about programming, nutrition, and other topics take us too far afield for this session.

If you want to do a 1-on-1 session in order to get a greater in depth explanation of why we’re doing things a certain way, or to ask personalized questions about programming, nutrition, etc…those are available on a very limited basis, by special request only.  Please note this in your email if you want to do a 1-on-1 session.

To Book:  Minicamps require a deposit of $50 in advance via PayPal to hold your spot.  Email to book or with questions.  This is also the address to send your PayPal deposits.  If you do not have PayPal, email to inquire how to send your deposit.

Minicamps held by any of our other coaches will be offered at a 10% discount compared to minicamps held by Coach Wolf.

Upcoming Schedule and Availability


January 27th, with Coach Wolf – SOLD OUT!


February 10th, with Coach Hayden – SOLD OUT!


March 17th with Coach Wolf – SOLD OUT!

March 31st with Coach Hayden – SOLD OUT!


April 21st with Coach Hayden – Spaces available.

Future dates will be posted as soon as they are scheduled.