Starting Strength Technique Coaching

For those interested specifically in learning the 5 Starting Strength lifts we offer Starting Strength mini-camps, or 1-on-1 coaching sessions by special request.

Both options revolve around learning and practicing the primary barbell lifts that comprise the Starting Strength program: Squat, Press, Bench Press, Deadlift, (and Power Clean, if appropriate).

Starting Strength mini-camps are our primary method for technique sessions.  Mini-camps are small sessions with a maximum of 3 lifters who do the session together.  Each lifter will have his/her own complete station to work on, so no sharing of bars, racks, plates or benches is necessary.  All of your sets and reps will be performed under coaches’ supervision, the other lifters will be coached while you’re resting between sets.  The upside is a reduced rate, and the opportunity to watch other people doing the lifts and getting coached, which can often be instructive.

1-on-1 sessions are available by special request only.  They offer the benefit of my undivided attention and the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your specific lifting issues in greater detail between sets.  1-on-1 availability is very limited, and is done by special request only.

In both cases, initial sessions are 90 minutes long, during which we cover 2-3 lifts, depending upon how much coaching is needed and how quickly you pick things up. Camps are always 90 mins, but for 1-on-1s, follow-up sessions at the length of your choice can be scheduled after the initial session, for a reduced rate compared to your initial session.

Beginning in June, 2017, all SS mini-camps will take place on 1-2 select Saturdays each month, from 2:30-4:00pm.  These sessions will have a limit of three lifters per session, and will require a deposit of $50 in advance via PayPal or E-check to hold your spot.  As always, email to book or with questions.

Upcoming Schedule and Availability


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