Online Coaching

As of November, 2016, I am now working as a team leader with exclusively for my online coaching services.

For those who have the motivation and ability to train hard on their own, but need guidance in technique and/or programming, this is the option for you.  We’ll do a consultation via email to go through your training history and current program and stats, and I’ll create a custom designed program for you based on all these factors.  You can film your work sets and send them back to me, along with a quick re-cap of what you actually did each workout (did you accomplish the programmed sets and reps, and if not, what was the deviation?).  I’ll reply with a technique analysis of your lifts, and adjust your program based on how that workout/your previous workouts actually went, when applicable.

This is a full-service, white-glove, ongoing program design with video/technique analysis.  There are already plenty of templates out there, and coaches and coaching services who work off of templates.  And while that works great for some people, this is decidedly NOT a template based service.  This is fully customized and adjusted as you go, based on your actual results workout-to-workout.  i.e. Week 8 day 3 isn’t dependent on everything going exactly to plan until then; Week 8 Day 3 will be customized based on how all your workouts and weeks went up until then.  Everything is adjusted in real time based on your results, and your technique is analyzed, and cues given, to correct it on a regular basis.