Training Philosophy

Training with Wolf Strength & Conditioning is an entirely different experience than standard ‘personal training.’   We don’t think in terms of body parts: there’s no ‘chest,’ ‘arms,’  or ‘legs’ day.   Your body is a finely tuned machine with many interconnected parts, and working it using the model of training specific body parts simply doesn’t work as well as teaching the entire body to work together to achieve loaded human movement.   Squatting, for example,  becomes a goal in and of itself, not the means to “work legs.”   Increasing your weight in the Press is our goal, rather than “doing shoulders.”  Similarly, all the movements we do are designed to maximize your strength and overall fitness.  Our philosophy on this topic is explained in detail in our article Strength and Barbells: The Foundations of Fitness.

While many fitness fads come and go every year, they don’t work as well as a properly planned and coached basic strength training and conditioning program.  Basic does not mean easy; your training will be hard.   We feel when something works best, there’s no reason to complicate it or water it down.