Our Team

Michael Wolf, SSC – Founder, Head Coach

Michael Wolf has been helping men and women of all ages and abilities become stronger and fitter since 2003.  He is currently based at Ignite Fitnez in Austin, TX after moving from NYC at the end of 2018.  Wolf created the strength program at Crossfit Solace/Solace New York, and ran the Solace Strong program there from 2014-2018.  Wolf is a Starting Strength Coach and, since 2012, has been on the coaching staff at Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Seminars where he coaches and lectures to audiences around the country about strength and barbell training

Wolf has also been a Personal Training Manager and Education Coordinator for Equinox as well as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Yeshiva University’s Division III athletic teams.

Wolf is certified as a personal trainer by the NSCA, and holds specialty certificates in Kettlebells, Pre/Post Natal Training, and USAW’s Olympic Weightlifting Coaching certification.  He has also attended seminars on the FMS (Functional Movement Screen), Thomas Meyers’ Anatomy Trains, and many other topics relevant to today’s fitness professional

Wolf also competes in Raw Powerlifting and Strengthlifting; his current PRs are a 585 lb squat, 475 lb bench press, 701 deadlift, and 315 press.  He’s also power snatched 100kg for fun, to win a $5 bet with Rip.

Wolf deadlifts 701 lbs at the 2019 USSF Nationals

Hayden Courtland – Coach

My journey into fitness began with science. My fascination with the natural world, led to my pursuing a bachelors degree in Biochemistry, a masters degree in Anatomy & Physiology, a Ph.D. in orthopaedics and postdoctoral fellowship in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolic bone disease. Once I started college my interest in fitness began as a hobby, but given my scientific background was largely focused on the musculoskeletal system. I learned principles of strength training and conditioning on my own by scouring all the books and articles I could find, while simultaneously referring back to the primary literature to verify, focus, and guide the techniques I would employ in my own training. I soon had requests from friends for personal training sessions and programming. From there my hobby grew into a profession. Over the years I expanded my expertise by mentoring under some very talented coaches. Michael Wolf was one of these coaches and I am delighted to be a part of his team.

In addition to his impressive academic background, Hayden is a CF-L2 Coach, Precision Nutrition Certified L1, Catalyst Athletics L1, and is also certified by the USAW, and is an NSCA-CSCS, among many other credentials.

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Ryan Arnold, SSC – Coach

Ryan grew up in Southold, NY, and earned a degree in Political Science from SUNY Binghamton.  After years spent in finance, and then the bar business, Ryan became a personal trainer at age 30, spending 6 years as a top producer for Equinox and training with Coach Wolf regularly throughout 2013 and 2014.   Ryan then interned with Wolf S&C in 2015, and obtained the Starting Strength Coach credential at the beginning of 2016.

Ryan competes in raw powerlifting with USAPL, and has served as platform manager at several USSF meets in NYC.

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