Is This For Me?

Many people (including the entire gym chain known as Planet Fitness) mistakenly think that the basic barbell exercises are only for ‘serious, hard-core lifters,’ or bodybuilders.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.   We’ve found that nearly everyone, regardless of gender and age, gets the absolute best results when focusing on strength training with the barbell, and conditioning appropriate to their training level and goals.   Women don’t suddenly become muscle-bound and hairy.  Men don’t suddenly lose their agility and speed on the basketball court.  On the contrary, our clients have experienced improved fitness, confidence, performance, and success in athletics with the addition of this type of strength training.

Our article on the topic, Strength and Barbells: The Foundations of Fitness explains why strength training with barbells is so effective no matter the goal.

However, there are some people with pre-existing injuries or issues that prevent them from doing some, or all, of the basic barbell exercises.  In populations like this, we use the trap bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls, and other tools that still allow us to train the whole body in an integrated way (not the body part model) using loaded human movement.   This approach works best for those special populations who are unable to make use of the basic barbell exercises in their program.

When physical limitations prevent the use of the barbell, we can still use the trap bar to train pulling strength off the floor…

…and squats in the goblet position, or with a safety bar squat (not pictured)